Grow Your Business & Gain Your Freedom

Escape the cube farm and take back your life!

It's Your Time!

Seriously, aren’t you tired of working for someone else?

Feeling guilty about having to call in sick when your family needs you?

And… the worst part is having someone else own your TIME. It was for me.

Time is limited.

It's something we can't buy or add back.

It just keeps going by and it finally runs out.

How do you want to use your time?

Do you want to use it spinning your wheels trying to get your business started?

Take a moment to really think about it? How does it make you feel?

If you are really ready to make a change, then there is no time like the present to do it.

Trust me… If I was able to start and grow my virtual assistant business while working 50+ hours a week WITH an infant at home… so can you.

I didn't have any business training or online experience, but I had skills and I trusted I could put them to great use. And I did!

I was able to grow a VA business that allowed me to leave the cube farm behind and take control of my time and my life.

You Can Do It!

I’ll share more about me and my story in a bit, first I want to get an idea of where you’re at right now.

Do You Ever Feel...

  • Overwhelmed when you realize all the things you need to do to grow your business?

    If you’ve Googled “Virtual Assistant”, you know there is a ton of information out there about how to do one thing or another. But it’s hard to find a clear direction and strategy for starting your business that is in action size bites to keep you out of overwhelm.

  • Confused about how to start, or what to do first?

    When you listen to too many “experts”… it’s confusing! Each one has a different strategy or system for where to focus and what to do first. You can end up jumping from place to place to find bits and pieces of information but, how do you put it all together?

  • Stuck in analysis paralysis due to too much research and not enough action?

    You know, when you get lost in research making spreadsheets and to do lists to start your business and then… When you put it all together, you’re paralyzed because it’s too much information (TMI). There is too much to do, so you don’t do anything!

  • Nervous about selling yourself or stepping out of your comfort zone?

    Why does selling scare most people? I know it scared me for a long time until I changed my mindset and perspective on selling. If you love to help people, you’re doing them and you a disservice by not selling your expertise. Change it from selling to sharing and it’s not so scary.


I get it… I’ve been in each of these situations myself!
And, I’ve since taught hundreds of virtual assistants and freelancers who were once feeling these same exact things.

But... guess what?

There’s a way to get past these feelings, get unstuck and finally get the results you want.

Just Imagine...

The question is...

How Do You Get There?

When I work with Virtual Assistants & Freelancers,
we focus on 3 key areas...

  • Growing your business

    To grow your business, you need to get in front of the right people. Who are the right people? They’re your target audience, the ones you’re passionate about helping. They need to know you exist and that you can solve their problems. How do you do that? By focusing on giving first. Provide value, share your brilliance and prove you know what you’re talking about. This simple formula gets BIG results.

  • Growing your income

    Too many Virtual Assistant suffer from SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) or TMI (Too Much Information), I know I was one of them. What do I mean by this? We watch the latest video on “How To…” or listen to too many “experts” telling us different ways to do the same thing instead of taking action. The key to growing your income is focusing on the things that make you money.

  • Growing your mind

    Becoming your own boss is a crash course in personal development and growth. You have to face your fears, move out of your comfort zone, learn new skills and create new habits… not to mention change limiting beliefs. Whew! Going it alone is a rough road and can actual stall your business growth. Being part of a supportive community to help guide you through these life changes can be a huge benefit.

Great... So Where Do You Learn All Of This?

And, how can you learn it using a proven system (rather than a series of overwhelming steps and strategies that you’ve collected that may or may not work when put together). So glad you asked….


The VA Business Academy

A membership site for Virtual Assistants & Freelancers, who want the right strategies, in the right order, to grow a thriving business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you deserve.

In the VA Business Academy you get the exact strategies and steps I used to build a six-figure VA business and grow into a leader in the VA Industry.

And the best part…

It’s a total one-stop shop. Instead of having to purchase two or three different programs, the VA Business Academy membership site is the one place you can find everything you need.


This program is incredibly robust. The amount of handouts, checklists and materials to refer back to is worth their weight in gold. I'm thrilled that I took the plunge and purchased it - this after other programs fell flat. I can always count on Susan putting out a quality product.

Here's how it works...

The VA Business Academy is an ongoing membership site.

Which means you get access to my entire library of business & skills training specifically designed for Virtual Assistants. As long as you remain a member of the program.

That is over 50+ in depth videos on topics ranging from:

  • How & When To Transition Out Of The Cube Farm

    There are special challenges when you are working either full or part time and trying to grow your business. Learn how to create a schedule that works for you and keeps you out of overwhelm.

  • Training On In Demand Skills

    Administrative skills are not enough to succeed in the VA Industry. Learn concepts such as Email Marketing, e-Commerce & Sales Funnels to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Day To Day Operations & Systems

    Many Virtual Assistants get so busy helping their client’s business they forget about their own. Learn how to implement systems that can keep your business growing even when you’re too busy to help.

  • All Things Marketing

    Marketing is truly the key to success in any business. I have created a simple and effective way to automate your marketing to keep attracting your ideal clients.

  • Selling Yourself & Closing The Deal

    Selling is just sharing your expertise with people who need it. Learning how to change your mindset when it comes to selling makes it easier to close any deal.

  • Mail Chimp Training

    Learn how to use Mail Chimp to set up lists, optin forms, automations and more. This in depth training will teach you everything you need to offer it as a service to clients.

  • How Does It All Work & How Do I Get My First Client

    There are certain things that need to be in place before you start working with clients. Learn how to implement them quickly so you can get on your way!

  • How To Get More Clients & Keep Them Coming Back

    Recurring income is crucial to the success of any business. Learn how to collaborate with clients to keep them coming back month after month.

  • The Best Resources & Tools To Use & Why

    There are so many tools on the market today, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones to use & why. But there are many tools that you need to operate a successful business.

  • Time & Task Management

    Managing your time and your client’s tasks and deadlines is the core of your business. Knowing how to do it effectively is key to being successful.

  • Setting Up Your Business

    There are specific things that need to be in place before you can work with clients and get paid. Learn everything you need to get your business set up and started quickly.

  • And Too Many More To List

    With over 40+ webinars in the Academy and more coming every month, we have topics for all things Virtual Assistant including, changing your mindset, referrals, taxes and more!

Susan, this program has been instrumental in getting me focused on where I need to be and what I need to know. As I mentioned before, I was all over the place ... going in circles and on information overload. It has been a huge relief. I have already learned so much. Thank you so much Susan!!

Sue Richardson Sue Richardson
Evolve Virtual Assistant

Are You Ready?

Here's How It Breaks Down

You Get Immediate Access To Everything!

You have immediate access to everything in the Academy, there is no waiting for modules to be released. You can dive right into the materials that you need to know and get started taking action.

New Content Every Month

New training topics will be released monthly. I'll be asking you and all the members what topics you would like to see added to the Academy.

Ongoing Support & Mentoring In Our Private Community

Our community is the best community and will become your family. Connect with people who understand your struggles and can relate to what you’re going through, because they’re right there with you or they’ve already walked that path. You can connect with people in your own backyard!

Weekly Live Calls

Weekly live calls including hot seat coaching, challenges, brainstorming and open question & answer sessions. Don't go it alone, join a vibrant community of go-getters who understand your struggles and want to help you succeed.

I totally recommend the VA Business Academy. I have been a VA for almost a year and the first Module taught me SO much I did not know! My one on one with Susan made a huge difference for me and helped me totally get a grip on my time management which was horribly lacking. This program is a must for anyone breaking into the VA world, it will save you so much time and get you off to a great start in having a successful business!

Danna Cruzan Danna Cruzan
Alpha One Innovations

What Makes This Program So Awesome?

  • 1

    Strategy combined with direction, accountability and a vibrant community.

    You'll be learning what you need to do for your business right now, plus get coaching from me and members of our awesome community. Also, you'll get accountability and support through our live weekly calls and goal setting sessions.

  • 2

    Topic specific, bite-sized learning sessions

    The modules are broken up into bite sized content by topic, helping to keep away the overwhelm. If you have an extra hour a week you can go through a topic or two to help you keeping you moving forward. All of the trainings are done in a simple and straight forward method giving you a plan of action to complete.

  • 3

    Zero Fluff - All Action & Direction

    I have a reputation for creating easy to follow content that is comprehensive yet simple to use and apply. You'll be able to watch and read everything, then implement it to start seeing quick results.

  • 4

    Weekly Live Calls & Daily Interaction

    These live weekly calls will keep you involved and engaged with me and the other members of the community. No more going it alone or feeling that you're not up to date on what's going on in the industry.

  • 5

    Awesome Community

    The best community ever who will become your family, people who understand your struggles and can relate to what you’re going through because they’re right there with you or they’ve already walked that path. You can connect with people in your own backyard!

  • 6

    Checklists, Templates & Forms Galore

    Done-for-you templates, checklists & how-to documents. These invaluable resources help you easily digest the training and give you a ready-made "Toolkit" to get you started. Refer to the checklists when working through your processes or take one of the provided templates and make it your own.

A Complete Step-By-Step Course!

Worksheets And Regular Updates!

Awesome Customer Support Team!

Okay, so what’s it going to cost?

On average my online courses costs around $300. And working with me on an ongoing basis is at least $2,000.

But, in The VA Business Academy you have access to all my business training courses, covering a whole range of topics that are vital to your success.

If I were to offer this as a course (which I did previously), it would be priced at $1,000 for all the training, tools and support you get inside the Academy.

But, I wanted to create something that would make the training accessible to more people and provide the ongoing support so many solopreneurs need.

So... you're not going to pay $1,000 or $500.

Because I'm making your membership in the VA Business Academy available for only $48.00 per month!

Or, if you want to get two months free, you can join for a whole year for only $489.00.

This program is awesome! If you're spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get a VA business started, then this program is for you! Susan takes you through step-by-step. I would have been lost with out it. Thanks Susan!!

Amber Albright Amber Albright
ASL Virtual Help

Ready to grow your business and gain your freedom? Select your preferred investment level below.

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    Annual Plan (Two Months Free)

      But... hurry enrollment is only open for a limited time!

      Susan's VA Business System gave me the foundation to start my VA business. With its complete system and procedures, it gave me the confidence to move my business to another level. Thanks so much Susan!

      Marsha Quilang Marsha Quilang
      Inspired Socially

      Who Am I?

      I'm Susan Mershon... The Techie Mentor

      Hi, I’m Susan, someone who never thought about being an entrepreneur until life gave me an unexpected gift.

      I've been where you are. Trying to start a VA business in your off hours while still having a life.

      I built my entire VA business from scratch while working in a 50+ full time corporate career with an infant at home! If I can do it - so can you.

      There are specific challenges to starting your VA business while employed... I know!  I created a system that will help you quickly get started, get clients & stay busy so you can quit your job and start living the lifestyle you are meant to live!

      Sign up now - Enrollment closes soon!

      Monthly Payment Plan
        Annual Plan (Two Months Free)

          But... hurry enrollment is only open for a limited time!

          It's Decision Time

          Option #1: You could continue trying to figure this out on your own. I won't say this method doesn't work - it's what I did. But I wish I had found this type of training when I was first starting out, instead of using the trial and error methods. I would have been able to leave the cube farm sooner!

          This method is slower, overwhelming, confusing and much more painful! There are many who make it on this journey but there are even more who give up.

          Option #2: Or... you could join a group of like minded go-getters who are looking to make their dreams of owning their own business come true, leaving the cube farm, traveling, or whatever their dream may be.

          If you've dreamed of having a business that gives you freedom & flexibility to do what you want, when you want, then take this opportunity.

          If you're tired of another month or six months going by without seeing any progress, then I'll see you in the Academy.

          Yes I want to enroll

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